The results are in for the Fall 2019 10K Alumni survey. Before we get into the details, a big "Thank You" to everyone who responded. Your answers will help us set the direction of the organization going forward.

We first sent a short survey to those who attended the Annual Retreat at Snowbird. Then, based on those results, we added a few questions (and removed a few that were specific to the retreat) and sent a new survey to the rest of the group.

Here are the results.

Would you like to help plan next year's annual retreat?

Yes 40%
No 60%

Good news and good news. We have some members who'd like to help plan for next year. But not so many that they all be fighting over what to do! Those of you who answered yes, if you haven't already, please join the Annual Retreat Committee. If you don't, we'll be coming after you!

Would you like to help plan other events for 10K Alumni to attend during the year?

Yes 22%
No 78%

Again, good news. Those of you who answered yes, please take a look over the committees listed here and join any you're interested in. If you'd like to create a committee we haven't thought of yet, contact us, and we'll help you get it started.

Which factors would make you most likely to attend events?

Time of Day

Morning 78%
Afternoon 56%
Evening 28%


1-2 Hours 56%
Half Day 72%
Full Day 33%


Free 50%
$10 44%
$25 44%
$50 61%
More 56%

At first, the results of the cost question surprised us -- the highest prices got the most responses. But then we realized that what you mean is that you want events that are worth paying more for. The preference for half-day events over events lasting just 1-2 hours sent us a similar message. You may not be able to take a full day off very often, but you'd rather attend an event that's long enough to pack in a lot of value.

Don't worry, we're not going to jack up prices based on our survey results. But we will make every effort to make each event well worth attending.

Are you interested in the event with Devour Magazine on October 17?

Yes 28%
No 72%

How interested are you in participating in a network with other 10K Alumni?

Very 39%
Somewhat 33%
Only a little 22%
Not interested 6%

We'd like to send an extra special "thank you" to the 6% who aren't interested in networking with us, but took the time to respond to the survey anyway!

Would you be interested in using a 10K Alumni mobile app to, for example, keep track of events and connections with other members?

Yes, very much 15%
Yes, somewhat 62%
No 23%

If yes, which platform(s) would you use the app on?

Android 27%
iOS 73%

Our programmer has already built an Android app for another group that he'll be adapting for the 10K Alumni organization. It looks like he'll be making an iOS version now, too.

Do you value being part of an organization that can speak for small businesses?

Yes, very much 56%
Yes, somewhat 39%
Only a little 0%
No 6%

If you're interested in taking an active role in working with local government leaders, be sure to take advantage of the 6-month free trial membership that UIBC (Utah Independent Business Coalition) is offering to 10K Alumni. And be sure to join our Small Business and Government Committee, too.

Would you benefit from having easier access to a variety of business resources?

Yes, very much 50%
Yes, somewhat 28%
Only a little 22%
No 0%

One thing we've built to help you in this area is a member directory organized by industry. Add yourself to the directory by indicating your industry in the business tab of the profile editor.

Would you be interested subscribing to a 10K Alumni business news and data service (free)?

Yes, very much 31%
Yes, somewhat 38%
Only a little 31%
No 0%

We're kicking off this service today by curating Utah business news in an email that you can receive up to five days a week. Control which days you'd like to receive it on the email tab of the profile editor. Don't worry about missing anything if you uncheck days -- anything that went out that day will be included in the email you get on the next day that you checked.

Would you be interested in contributing content such as links, articles, or information to such a service?

Yes, very much 8%
Yes, somewhat 38%
Only a little 15%
No 38%

For the moment, we'll point you to the forums for a place to share and find this kind of information. Feel free, in the appropriate places, to share information about your business, industry news, and anything else that would benefit other members.

Again, thanks to everyone who responded to the survey. And we look forward to taking the next steps with all of you!