10K Alumni
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About 10K Alumni

10K Alumni is a community of established small business owners, founded by graduates from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program. Recognizing the value of the relationships we established during the program, we created this organization to reconnect, and to build new relationships with other established small business owners.

Membership is open to anyone who meets the requirements of the Goldman Sachs program, whether you have participated or not.

10K Alumni is a Utah Non-Profit Corporation.

Board of Directors

Travis Ashby

Spiff, Inc.

Tori Baker

Salt Lake Film Society

Renya Nelson


Thor Roundy

Thor is a business and real estate attorney. He operates EVN Law, which focuses on raising capital, small business development, estate planning and litigation. He also operates Advanced Title Insurance Agency, LC, helping realtors, lenders and property owners with real estate transactions and business development.

Thor is a resource to anyone interested in improving their business operations.