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About 10K Alumni Utah

Who Are We?

10K Alumni Utah is a community of established small business owners, founded by graduates from the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program. Recognizing the value of the relationships we established during the program, we created this organization to reconnect, and to build new relationships with other established small business owners.

While we are not officially affiliated with Goldman Sachs, we work closely with the local Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program to support our members. (Alumni are encouraged to register on 10KSB Connect to stay up-to-date on information from the Goldman Sachs program.)

All graduates of the Goldman Sachs program are automatically accepted into our group. Anyone who meets the original requirements of the Goldman Sachs program can receive provisional membership pending completion of the program.

10K Alumni is a Utah Non-Profit Corporation.

Our Vision

We recognize the potential for a community of small business leaders associating for mutual benefit. The experiences and training we share from the GS10KSB program provide a solid foundation for relationships, and confidence in the qualifications of other members as business partners.

Unlike a typical business network:

  • we envision an organic organization run by community members -- not outsiders running a networking business.
  • we see a community where membership is based on shared experiences and values -- not on paying membership dues.
  • we encourage participation levels varying according to each member's current needs, desires, and schedules -- not dictated by quotas.

Our Mission

As powerful as the community we have envisioned has the potential to be, this will not happen by accident. 10K Alumni Utah supports our members in realizing Our Vision by:

  • organizing regular networking and training opportunities, hosted by member businesses.
  • providing a directory where members can be found who provide the services your business needs.
  • sharing success stories to help members catch the vision of how they can benefit from participation.
  • spotlighting individuals to help community members get to know each other and become familiar with the services that are available in our network.

Board of Directors

Travis Ashby

Cohort 1

Spiff, Inc.

Tori Baker

Cohort 7

Salt Lake Film Society

Renya Nelson

Cohort 8


Thor Roundy

Cohort 3

Thor is a business and real estate attorney. He operates EVN Law, which focuses on raising capital, small business development, estate planning and litigation. He also operates Advanced Title Insurance Agency, LC, helping realtors, lenders and property owners with real estate transactions and business development.

Thor is a resource to anyone interested in improving their business operations.